What hours are reasonable to ask caregiver, when state only approved 20 hours per month?

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I am the one in need of care, and have no idea if it is even feesable to ask/find a caregiver able to do one hour, five days a week. I would like daily shower with help, but could make adjustments, plus light cleaning. Sound good, or do you have a more reasonable suggestion?

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Did the state suggest what agency to use? You could talk the possibilities over with them.

One hour a day for someone who lives close by or who has other clients in the general neighborhood might be feasible. Most people would find the transportation issue a problem. Driving any distance or taking a bus for one hour's wage may not be practical. If there were a couple other clients in the same apartment building or very nearby, that would make a difference.

Talk to the agency.
Yes, talk to your local agencies, it is my understanding that some of them have minimum hours limits. Where I live in Canada with government funded home care cut backs have caused many to have to get by with only 1/2 hour - I've even heard of 15 minutes , a ridiculous extreme that satisfies neither care recipient nor employee.

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