I just don't answer. He has Alzheimer's and cancer. Over the last year he has declined rapidly. Makes no sense with his words until this phase. Before he would forget his questions so I didn't have to answer. Now he wants answers about our relationship!

“I'm so sorry. If it's any comfort, this is very common. As you say, he can't tell the difference between you and his late wife. In his mind he is likely quite young, and you may look somewhat like your mother at a younger age, so it's even more confusing for him than for some men. 
Many men with AD get sexually aggressive with female caregivers. But, as you say, it's feels even creepier when it's your dad. 
Please try to understand that he can't help it. You may want to talk to his doctor. Occasionally, they give medication to handle this, but there are side effects. At least check, though. There may be something the doctor can do to make your life a bit easier. Good luck,

This answer was posted seven years ago by a resident expert, Carol Bursack. Hope it helps.
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