weighs 75 lbs and is bedridden. Age is 94. Is this normal?????

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That's a ripe old age! 48 hours seems so crazy. But, if she's on the decline, perhaps it's fairly normal for her, for a 94 year old, etc. It's got to kind of hard to deal with as the caregiver. Perhaps at some point we just have to let go and let what happens, happen.
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I'd discuss with her doctor. Is she maintaining weight? My LO is end stage dementia and she is now sleeping more and more, but, she doesn't sleep for that long before stirring. She is on Hospice. It's my understanding that the sleeping will increase as she progresses with the dementia. I might explore is it's the meds, depression or something else that is causing this, just to make sure that she's comfortable.
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I can't remember which poster very wisely reminded us of this, but living to 94 is itself not *normal.* Living to 94, enjoying your meals, and having excellent vital signs is exceptional! As long as your mother is comfortable and pleasing herself, I should count her blessings with her.
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