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You have gotten some great answers here. Here is another answer, if a person has Vascular Dementia (VaD) he/she will sleep 12 to 15 hrs a day. VaD is cause by but not limited to Afid, CHF, along with other heart problems. The damage heart can not pump blood that carries O2 throughout the body therefore, the brain is strive of O2 making a person feel tired over doing the smallest things. Physically eating, using the restroom or doing the dishes can wipe a person out along with doing what Grandma1954 has stated.

Your husband is going through a lot of changes physically and mentally right now and that itself is using up energy making him sleep 12 to 15 hrs. Do not be surprise if he has a day were he feels better or did not sleep that many hrs...this doesn't mean he is getting better or worse. It is normal for people who are ill to have good days & bad days as we all have them.

I am so sorry that you are going through this!

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Momafaust Jul 2019
Thank you for caring
There are many things that can cause a person to sleep that much.
Hospice used the amount of time my Husband slept as one of the guides for his decline.
With dementia just eating can be exhausting. You have to remember how to hold the fork, how to use the fork, you have to bring the food to your mouth. Then you have to chew it then swallow it. Swallowing can be a problem, many forget to swallow then end up with a lot of food between the cheeks and gums (pocketing)
Following a conversation is difficult and if you are trying to eat you have to try to do both at the same time.
After the meal your body begins to digest the food, this takes energy as well.
That is just 1 aspect of the sleeping. There is a great "pamphlet" that you can read on line called "Crossing the Creek" it goes into great detail about sleeping as well and the theory there is that the person is resolving issues and it is easier to do while asleep when there are no time and space restrictions. (I hope I explained that right) Please read Crossing the Creek.
And lastly sleeping 12, 15, or more hours could also indicate more of a decline into an End of Life phase. ( there are other signs at that point)
Is your husband on Hospice? If so you could talk to the nurse about this. If he is not on Hospice you might want to make a call and see if he would qualify. You will get more help as well as equipment and supplies that will make your job so much easier.
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General body condition and deterioration, and general mental ability, and a lack of will go move through all the pain of trying. Not eating, and wanting to sleep a lot is a side effect of just the aging process. I am 76 and can feel more the urge to sleep myself. Reading time never used to be falling asleep over a book, but now it is. It is a slow progression.
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