Adult protective services were notified by a health care agency and family. APS is saying they can't do much if mom says she is okay. Family and friends have no access to her. My sibling's spouse is also a cop. What can we do if APS is dragging their feet for the last three months now? Sibling seized control of all assets, has been removing valuables from the home, sold parents car and got mom to sign over a limited power of attorney. Mom fell at siblings home and sustained a brain injury and had to have brain surgery. No one in the family was informed. We hear mom is now bed ridden and they are telling people she has dementia. What can we do to get access to mom? Please help before it is too late. By the was sibling and spouse are both on disability with several small children at home and she unsuccessfully tried to get a restraining order issued on me when We confronted her about Mom's injuries and seizing Mom's finances and car. Please help before it is too late.

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Where does mom live? Where do the other siblings live? Who had powers of attorney before? Were others regularly visiting or helping care for mom? Sorry for all the questions more back information would be helpful.
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If your mom has a brain injury and is bedridden I'm not sure I understand how she can tell APS she's okay. Being bedridden as a result of a brain injury is not "okay". What is the criteria APS used to determine your mom was okay?

Despite the fact that your sister's husband is a cop, have you tried calling the police? If for no other reason than to start documenting the situation.
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