I have a camera in her room but if I turn on the alarm for movement, I will be up all night.

Any suggestions would be great.

Mom’s alert button had fall detection. No need to push the button.

Some falls happen even though a person is near.

There are falls at home and in facilities. They are unavoidable in certain situations.

If caring for her is becoming exhausting you could start inquiring about facilities near you. Then she will have a staff 24/7 to look after her.

Facilities do not place bed rails on beds because they are now considered a restraint.

Many people do place bed rails on beds at home though. Some people like them. Others don’t for various reasons.

Best wishes to you and your family.
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1] Consider leaving a light on in room or passage
2] Ensure nothing but soft furnishings in immediate vicinity/path (even add a few strategically placed cushions for known impact zones)
3] Assuming night falls are from getting up to use bathroom, perhaps provide a safely positioned commode nearby (- sorry cwillie, I didn't see you mentioned that)
4] Encourage use of 4WF walker for stability
5] If habitually arising, fitting side rails on the bed can help to dissuade (and also prevent falls from rolling out of bed) - but that could mean being on call for assistance
6] Install softer carpet underlay
7] Consider 'hip protectors' (but might not be feasible for sleeping)
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My elderly aunts wear the positional pendant which automatically calls when it senses the wearer's body is horizontal and on the ground.
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MJ1929 Apr 13, 2021
You couldn't wear that to bed, though, could you?
What we did is get a bedside mat that chimes when he puts his feet on it. It has a monitor that is in our room so he does not hear the chime.

It started out next to his bed but we moved it to the hallway so we would only be alerted if he was trying to go downstairs at night.

I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Right now my FIL can make it to the bathroom across the hall okay, but I am sure at some point we will have to put it back by the bed.
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I slept on the floor next to my mother’s bed for several months. It was the only way we had to protect her from falling. Any “alarm” will only sound after a fall occurs, or as you’ve mentioned Carolwca, you wind up being awake all night when the alarm goes off.

Her falls decreased dramatically after we placed her in a very good skilled nursing facility a couple miles from my home.

Elderly people who have become “fall risks” will continue to require supervision in order to be safe, but even supervised, falls may continue to be a concern.
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Nipsyinmichigan Mar 21, 2021
I had a similar situation. The stress and health impacts of waking up several times a night takes its toll on the caregiver. There are many kinds of nursing facilities and yes they may cost money but I feel my mom worked a life time and now is the time for her to use her money for self care. I found a lovely group home nearby and she lives with 15 other women with various health concerns. She has a private room and scheduled activities. She loves it and looks better than I have seen her in years.
If she wears the pendant but won't push the button switching to one with fall detection may be the answer. And if she falls because she is going to the bathroom a bedside commode would help with that.
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