I’d like some suggestions please. I would love for Mom to have and use her iPad for brain games, to see family pictures. But, she falls for every scam out there, signs up for any new credit card, subscribes to magazines unknowingly. Anything that says freebie or has to do with winning something. As her POA, this has caused all sorts of problems I have to fix. Hoping someone has the knowledge on how I can still get Mom involved without creating havoc. She lives with her husband, but he pays no attention to what she’s doing. I have gotten her adult color books, large crossword puzzle books, dot to dot book. But she does not use them. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Is it possible to take it to your data or internet provider and set up the parental controls?

I am not a techie but I remember seeing settings that would block certain activities.

If they don't exist, you may need to by a cheap laptop and put software games and such so she doesn't get on the internet.

Don't be mad at her husband, he can't watch her all the time, it is unrealistic to expect that he can monitor her every action. Letting go of that will help your stress. It sounds like she is a handful and at least he hasn't put her out into a facility.
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There is a point in time where the games and puzzles do not work. I realized that the time for word books were over when mom was looking at the keys in the back of the book and answered from there. Her activities may now be best supervised. Perhaps you can try old timers music with words below like karioke.
If all she has been doing is following scams, then technology on the internet is now dangerous
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You have great goals for your mother, but, I'll just share what I discovered about my LO.

I wanted her mind to stay active and for her to stay entertained and amused with activities, hobbies and interests, but, eventually, the brain is just not able to work the way it needs to in order to accommodate these activities, without direct supervision. (My LO went from running her household, to not being able to operate a very basic tv remote in just a few months.) They just can't remember safety rules or tips about how things work to be online without supervision. Even reminders stop working. So, I'd likely explain to her husband that if he values his money and safety, he needs to supervise her when she has access to the internet. And, if he still refuses, just let the devices connected to the internet stay disabled. It's very UNSAFE to have a vulnerable person online who could reveal all kinds of personal details about herself and family to dangerous people. It's very risky.

I'd read about dementia and something that is called "loss of initiative." Those who have dementia eventually, lose the ability to self start. Unless, there is a person there to get things going, encourage, explain and supervise, they are not capable of doing it on their own. She may see the coloring books, but, it doesn't occur to her to start coloring. It's not her fault.

I might suggest having her attend a day program where activities are supervised and lead by another, like at a Senior Center, Adult Day Center, etc. I'd make sure they are aware of her condition and can properly monitor her while there. At a certain point, people with dementia just aren't able to amuse themselves very well.
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I haven't actually been to look recently, but I'm sure toys and games stores will have electronic gizmos that aren't connected to the internet. You can use research as an excuse to go and have a play with some!

I know how sad it is when you search high and low for anything that will engage your mother's interest and nothing seems to work. Hugs.
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