My Mom is in an ALF and enjoys playing Bingo twice a week. Her helper (who is calling Bingo on these days) says she’s having an increasingly hard time recognizing numbers. The other ladies playing are getting impatient with her. These games are her fun and I’m worrried about her having to give them up. She refuses to wear her glasses, which may help, but she’s had dementia for 6 years now and her cognitive functions are getting slowly worse. Expected, but I’d like to know if anyone has come up with a solution for this kind of thing. Thanks! All of you are always so helpful to me when I read your answers to others’ questions. I think this is the first one I’ve asked!

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Tell the activities director to make sure Mom has her glasses. Get one of those necklaces that u attach the glasses too. She wears them around her neck and when needed for bingo the activities director and put them on her. Try to explain she needs them to see the letters. Don't have her quit. The staff should be trained in how to handle these situations. As long as she enjoys it let her have what fun she can,
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so moms helper is the bingo caller AND helps mom put chips on her card?

and the helper said your mom is having trouble, does she think mom needs to stop or is she: willing to still help her play?

I understand the other players being impatient. (my moms AL used to have a hard of hearing player. and others would get upset with person asking for a repeat call) I know it makes you feel bad that others can be so impatient. They don't understand someone who is struggling(they themselves will sooner or later be in the same boat,but they don't see it like that)

I play scrabble in my moms AL room (just me and her) I have to help her a lot. and I can see how she is struggling more and more (and more!)
But I still continue to play her after lunch time. id rather play the game and try to have some fun. than sit in silence and trying to think of things to talk about.

either that or speak to the  AL activity person - im sure they have dealt with situation before (?)

edit PS I had to stop my mom going on the AL bus to go shopping. and my mom loved to go. but I was told she wandered outside the store during a trip. so I told them don't take her any more. she still calls me out on that if she can remember....
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JoAnn29 Sep 2018
By the time my Mom entered the AL, she really had no idea what was going on. I told them from the start not to take her out. She was a fall risk and she needed to be watched when outside.
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