We are looking for meaningful (seated) activities that my 91-year old dad with advanced AZD can do. Right now we give him a bowl of K-Cups and one of those plastic K-Cup holders to fill. He approaches this as important work and diligently spends a couple of hours a day on it. He will not do puzzles or use adult coloring books because he considers it busy work. He's looking for things he can do to be helpful and contribute.

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Jeanne, I LOVE your suggestions

notsomuch, I LOVE the K-cups. The key to the activities that you choose for your Dad is that whatever he does has to have meaning and he needs to feel useful and feel that what he is doing is "important work". Look at what children toys are available for "playing house" and adapt that activity for your father using adult everyday household items instead of toys.
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Folding small items of laundry (small towels, pillowcases)
Shredding confidential (and junk) mail
Matching socks from the drier
Sorting coins into denominations, for use in vending machines

(I love the filling the K-Cup holders!)
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