Placed my dad in memory care August 1. He was there for two weeks and showed aggression with staff. He has now been in hospital psych unit for two weeks to get his meds right. Today he became aggressive with the staff there. I feel like the memory care facility does not want him as a resident because he is so physically fit and they seem intimidated by that. Should I be prepared for him to be evicted? What kind of facility would accept a resident with aggressive tendencies?

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What does being physically fit have to do with a Memory Care not wanting your dad as a resident, and why would that be intimidating?? The problem is his aggressive behavior, which cannot be tolerated for obvious reasons. A memory care community is required to provide a safe environment for all the residents, so they may ask your dad to leave if he continues to display dangerously aggressive behavior. You may need to look into Skilled Nursing Facilities as an option for your father if his doctor cannot find the right medication to keep him more relaxed. I would keep working with the doctor, though, because nobody is happy with this situation, including your poor dad.
I just hate this disease of dementia......It's so awful and tends to turn the gentlest of souls into aggressors.
Wishing you the best of luck.
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againx100 Sep 2019
I'm assuming that an aggressive person that is physically fit and strong is much more intimidating (and dangerous!) than one that is more frail, etc.
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