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I teach memoir writing classes in senior living communities. An issue that continues to arise is that some folks with great stories no longer trust their own handwriting and don't use computers.

Does anyone have any advice on other ways to "write" without writing?? Probably the best thing for these folks is to either have a friend or family member act as "scribe" for them or record via video or audio. Any other thoughts? I appreciate all suggestions!

Thank you so much!

Thank you all very much for your ideas! I figured that some sort of recording would probably be best. I'll look into all the suggestions you've given.

My struggle is that my class is really a writing course, something that is designed to not only get their stories documented for posterity but to provide the seniors intellectual stimulation through the art of writing. They're learning the writing craft, brainstorming, developing story structure, thinking about themes, spicing up their word choices, etc. Telling a story verbally (unless you're going to do the same sort of prep before and editing after as one would with a written story) isn't quite the same thing.

I'm flummoxed. ;-) Again, thank you very much for your responses and ideas. I'll have to keep thinking about how I might incorporate these recording options into my class.
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you can easily record them on a smart phone. I recently recorded 10 seniors stories and then transcribed them (WAY TOO LONG to take omg) but having them visually was very rich and rewarding- esp for family members.if you don't have a smart phone, an old fashioned recorder will do with tapes (!) will do fine.
Or you can take dictation- some people speak very slowly which? is helpful when doing it by hand! Good luck!
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Try Google voice into a text in small packets on a borrowed phone. You can do editing before sending. You can also do the same with Facebook Messenger. Send the message to someone close and open it on a desktop. Then copy and paste to a word document
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What about good old fashion recorders?

They would be familiar to most people, are fairly inexpensive and how much fun for them to listen to what they have said.

Great going, keep up the good work!
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