My mom lives independently, but has recently stopped driving. She would like to connect with other seniors who have active brains and would like to play cards, have conversations, eat lunch out. She lives in Bogota, NJ.

Call some senior living complexes and ask if she can attend their events. A couple of senior apartment complexes in my area allow/encourage seniors living outside the complex to attend their scheduled afternoon game events.
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Internet. Sometimes too many seniors in one place can lead to bickering and arguments.
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From the town's website:
Senior Citizens
Bogota has a very active senior citizen community. Weekly events are always going on and there are always some special events occurring for the senior citizens of Bogota.

Reminder:     Senior Citizen bus transportation is available for food shopping, mall shopping, and doctor visits. For more information, please leave a telephone message at (201) 342-1736, extension 232.
And depending upon which side of the community she lives on, So Hackensack, Teaneck and Haworth all have senior programs. In addition, Many houses of worship have activities for seniors.
~~~ The shops at Riverside Mall also have senior programs. Can she Uber?
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