My husband is 79 almost 80. He doesn’t have any hobbies to keep him occupied. He sits around watching tv or sleeping. We go out with friends for dinner, but he can’t manage walking very far. On good days he will do small work in the yard, but becomes easily exhausted. I would like to know of some suggestions that would be able to be done with his physical a limitations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

maybe a church can be recommended by a friend you know.
maybe there are some seniors at the church who have some free time to come play a game of cards or checkers.

maybe a senior center who will pick him up for a drive out to the center to be around activities - random crafts.

maybe call local aging and adult  and could refer you to an outside program.

does he like doing puzzles? pick a puzzle that doesn't have too many small pieces or don't look to hard to put together. puzzles still appeal to me at 59.
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This advice depends on where you live but... If he can get around on a scooter it would open up the possibility of cruising the neighbourhood or going out to the local coffee shop to connect with some other retired men.
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If you have a computer, there is a website where older people can interact (non sexually) with young people looking for a grandpa/grandma.
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