Is there anyone one here that is dealing with usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) in a loved one? -

Is there anyone one here that is dealing with usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) in a loved one?



Right after my 40th birthday I was informed by my family doctor after having some chest X-rays that I had mild emphysema. I had smoked for 20 years. I kept smoking and started getting sick about 7 months later. I ended up in intensive care for six days in septic shock from double pneumonia and almost died. The minute I start to walk around my breathing gets bad. Even the oxygen doesn't seem to help. I want to feel good, and alive and energetic besides, I have a 2 years old grandson and I want to watch him grow up. My search for alternative treatments for treating my emphysema eventually led me to some amazing researcher/herbal doctor called Dr Linda(Best Health Herbal Centre) who had made unbelievable advancements in the use of alternative treatments to actually “Reverse” diseases. This same researcher/herbal doctor was providing her patients with herbal supplements that restored the immune system. I followed suit once again purchasing emphysema herbal supplement. After 6 weeks of relentlessly taking of the emphysema herbal supplements twice each day i completely recovered from emphysema! All my symptoms are gone and Remaining positive helped me during this treatment.
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It is pulmonary fibrosis, a form of COPD. It is not really a bacterial pneumonia as It causes continuous destruction of scarring. It is characterized with unrelenting cough which does not respond well to cough medicines. Damaged lung tissue will never repair and the patient will eventually need continuous oxygen, also facing weight loss as work of breathing will burn calories like continually running a race even at rest. There are 2 medications that may be prescribed to slow the destruction in pill form that must be taken continuously. Inhaled medications may also be prescribed, usually meant for the other type of COPD but may provide limited benefit since it is not effective on the scarring.

Work with a pulmonary team, consider a pulmonary rehab program since insurance may cover it, and try to find a better breathers club through the Lung Association. I am sorry that your LO will have to face the possibility of air hunger will continue to progress.
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Bumping this up.
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