How do you keep a person in a more upright position when using a Hoyer lift?

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She is reclined too far back to line up over the potty chair. We just started lifting Mom with a Hoyer lift and keep having accidents with toileting because she is in more of a reclining position in the sling and when we set her on the potty chair, she urinates out the front and over the edge. We've tried adjusting the chains but nothing has helped so far. Any ideas?

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The unit should have training videos or you can find some on youtube. You will not achieve a full upright in the sling or the patient will fall forward and out of the lift. You may need to change the toilet to an elongated bowl.
correct, you will not be able to achieve an upright position in the sling, I would also suggest using a Sara lift instead of a hoyer lift, if your patient can bear some of their weight.
I have been using a Hoyer lift for a year. The slings do make a person lie back (why do they make them that way?). I shortened the straps that hold the shoulders by folding them and securely sewing them to the right length so he would sit up. This has worked well. Ignore instructions not to modify the sling. It has to be done if you want the person to sit up. I have been doing this for a year, and it works very well. I do not have the option of using a different lift and had to adapt what I have.
The one I used had colored straps for example red and yellow so use red and red to lay back. Red at the back and yellow at the bottom puts them in the sitting position
Miss Kitty: 1. Is this a lift and sling sent to you through the insurance? If it is, whoever supplied it should be able to help you with your dilemma. Had the same problem and had replacement sling for toileting sent out. 2. Are you putting this person on a portable potty or a regular toilet? If you are having sitting position problems you need two people to position her properly before lowering. Sling size and several adjustments are important for proper transporting.
There's terrific how-to videos on youtube.hoyerlifts
Check these out.

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