Google 'anti-strip clothing'
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Sorry, this is a problem with Dementia. They do not understand they can't do this. Maybe someone else can help.
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Ocharloc, could you give us some background regarding the dementia patient?  Is this your Mom or Dad?  Are they living with you or living in a facility?

What have you used to attempt to prevent the dementia patient from removing the ostomy bag?  Sometimes hiding the ostomy bag from view under depends or under a bandage or having the person wear a jumpsuit or overalls or clothing that prevent or hinder the patient from getting to the ostomy bag while still allowing the ostomy bag to "fill up" with waste material.  When does the patient attempt to remove the ostomy bag most frequently--is it when there is stool in the ostomy bag?  Have you talked with a Ostomy/Wound Care Nurse about what the dementia patient is doing and about different ostomy appliances that might work better for the patient?
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