My grandmother is an Alzheimer's patient. She lives with my grandfather but he is not behaving well to her. So for now we are taking care of her. I am 18 years old, me and my parents, we all try to look after her well but we are in a hopeless state. She wakes at 7 am and never sleeps until around 10 pm. And in entire 15 hours she never even stops talking. You may not believe me maybe but i swear she hardly ever stops talking for a whole minute. I saw posts in forums like asking same thing in every 5 minutes but she does it like in every 30 seconds.. We have been to doctors,they said she has depression issues, gave her meds but they never seem to work. It is even worse. She is calling us even if we get out of the room for nearly 10 secs. Even if we sit together in a room she constantly says "sit next to me, lie down next to me" she literally means next to. And we can't switch off our brains because she always demands responds like "Take me home, where are we going -when we are just sitting and going nowhere- , let's go to my home, will you take me home, WILL YOU??" she asks until we respond. And she never sits or lies down, if we ignore her for 4-5 minutes she will come next to us and ask again and again. We can't do anything but just sit beside her and if we dare to get up she will just follow us everywhere. We can't even go to shower, someone must sit and watch her and must respond her "Where is the other one? Let's go get her too?" questions. And I can say my mom is not mentally healthy due to her some previous actions -even long before we got my grandmother-. Because of that I worry more for my mother. I try to help her as much as I can but I am getting headaches from listening my grandmother talk and hold my anger in me. I am trying to stay positive but every morning my little hopes are fading and I always spend my days moody. I also worry about my and my dad's mental health. All this worrying makes me more and more sick, I always feel like crying or need for punching things. Please if you know a way to make her more peaceful and quite, share it with me, I am literally begging you.. And I wish everyone a peaceful, happy, healthy life also patience for patient carers.

Put a set of head phones in your ears and rock out to your fav music!
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like previous poster suggested maybe she does need to go see a dr.

there may be a LOW dose of something to take the edge off her behavior.
how old is your grandma? I ask because it could be a long road ahead. and you don't want to live like this long term.
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Eyerishlass, firstly thank you for sharing your thought. I think you are very right but I can't help but worry, I really can't help because I care for them a lot. And about nursing home you are also right however in my country there aren't any nursing homes like that, I mean of course there are a few but they are not common and it is known that in most of that places they treat them really bad, even abuse them. Because our government is not controlling them well. That's why we don't want to consider it. But thank you a lot.
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Eyerishlass Jul 22, 2018

I understand better now. I wasn't aware you lived in another country. Of course you can't put your grandmother in a facility with poor conditions. But hope is not lost. Can you speak with her doctor about a medication that will calm her down a little bit? You might have to make an appointment and take your grandmother in to see the doctor. I would imagine that your grandmother is not comfortable with all of that anxious and nervous energy. I hope you can find a solution.

At the age of 18 you should not be worrying about or caring for someone who has Alzheimer's. I understand you love your family--that is clear--but it's sucking the life out of you.

Your grandmother belongs in a nursing home where there are 3 shifts of nurses and aides who can tend to her. Instead there are only 3 of you and you can barely manage. In a nursing home your grandmother can be monitored and medicated which is what she needs.

You and your parents are falling apart because of your grandmother's Alzheimer's. It will not get better. Why are all of you sacrificing yourselves for your grandmother? It's time to place her in a nursing home where you can go and visit and be able to leave.
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