I have tried everything to the point where I want him to go to sleep early so I can have some peace and quiet. I have a caregiver 5 days a week until 3:00. I hate to see 3:00 come as he greets me with "Have you packed or when are we leaving?"

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This all might work for the other answers, but my mil lives with us in her childhood home. Some days she accepts that and other days she doesn't. So I have no idea what home she is talking about?
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So many people use "fiblets" as freqflyer says. There should be a glossary so people can just go to it and choose some that will work for them:

The house is being painted.
There is a plumbing problem and the plumbers can't get there till next week.
I have an appointment get an estimate from the movers - they are really booked up right now.
I am waiting for the movers to get back to me.
I have a doctor's appointment scheduled next week and we can't leave till after that.
And so forth.

Good luck! My mother isn't at that point yet, but I'm hoping to be prepared when she does.
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Anderson, usually when someone says "I want to go home" they mean their childhood home, back when life was fun and carefree as a child. My Mom did this.

When this happens, it is ok to use "theraputic fibs" by saying "we will go next week, the house is being painted right now" and be prepared for when hubby will ask again. I had to use a lot of theraputic fibs with my Mom and thank goodness she accepted them.
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