Is there a bedside commode with a locking bucket?


So grandma decided it would be fun today to take the bucket out of the commode before peeing all over the floor. Luckily, I have a office chair protector under the commode so that caught most of it. Her slippers were soaked though and of course she had to wander all over the house. That's why I have a steam carpet cleaner.

Is there a bedside commode where the bucket locks in? This seems like it would be a much wanted feature. I've gone back to zip-tying the seat down which keeps the bucket from being removed. I had to do this before when she wanted to help out by emptying her bucket out in the toilet. I use diapers in the commode to soak things up and keep stink down. After fishing out swollen diapers out of the toilet I zip-tied the seat down, thus locking the bucket, for a while. It would be so much easier if there was a child safety like feature that did this.

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I don't there is a commode like that but that is a good idea. I think the worst part of caregiving is the clean up. The ties are a good idea. Call a store that sells durable equipment and see if they have any ideas. Is there any kind of baby safety gadgets that would do the job?
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What about a floor mat alarm in front of the commode so you know when she's using it?
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