Need a rug covering (plastic?) for an elderly person with a walker and urine bag attached. -

Need a rug covering (plastic?) for an elderly person with a walker and urine bag attached.



I pulled up the carpeting and left the tile floor that was underneath. Occasionally we have a few drops fall on the way to the 'loo' - I compare it to housebreaking a puppy.

Without the carpeting, it's really easy to clean with a disinfecting wipe.

P.S.  I learned to wear shoes/slippers all the time :)
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Pergo/engineered flooring has a tendency to swell and buckle when there's moisture at the edges for much time. It's horrible to try to repair- I've had lots of headaches with it when liquids gave been involved. "Next time" I'm using wood textured vinyl. It looks like wood, feels like wood, but is softer and has better durability. This vinyl is what's in mother's room at the memory care. I would not cover rugs because of the trip hazard. 
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Definitely a fall hazard. That plastic overlay is a pain in the butt: it will catch her walker & she will take a tumble.
Removing the rugs as this juncture and changing to hardwood or Pergo type floors that only require water to clean would be optimal. 

This poor dear  has to negotiate walking using a walker as well as a urine cath & bag; it may be difficult for her. Clear the walkways, pick up throw rugs (& that thick plastic) as appropriate to deter a fall.

Good luck, this is arduous.
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This is likely to present a fall hazard. Imagine how slippery liquid is on top of plastic. Others have talked about needing to remove the carpet due to incontinence. They varnish or paint the subflooring. It's almost the only choice for incontinence. (My husband has Alzheimer's incontinence and we only have tile floor - cold, but clean)
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I would look into the sticky plastic sheeting that is put down on carpeting in show homes and RVs. You can overlap the edges. You may need to replace it often.

If the carpet is already soiled and it is feasible, perhaps take up the carpets and put down vinyl?
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How big an area are you looking to cover? The plastic runners will work in a hall way but for a larger area you might be better off lifting the carpet.
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You can buy rolls of plastic with plastic spikes on the bottom that will grip the carpet and allow a walker to pass freely. The rolls are only about 36" wide but you can also buy larger oolong pieces designed to go under office chairs. I would go to a carpet store and see what they can suggest.
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David, if you can find the name of the walker's manufacturer, you'll almost certainly be able to get accessories made specially for it.

Alternatively, you could contact the manufacturers or suppliers of the catheter/urine bag system and ask them what mobility aids their products are compatible with.

It can be a heck of a game to track down the right bit of kit. But I haven't yet been able to think of any item we needed that somebody else hasn't already wanted and made! - you just have to keep looking and asking.
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