Husband has not taken his meds in three days.

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What have you tried? How and when do you offer the meds?

I have had success by changing my method, reducing number of meds at a time, switching some to combo drugs. Eliminating some altogether. Picking my time and place to offer.

My DH aunt has “probably mixed dementia” vascular for sure. She was compliant with taking meds in her younger years. Then Forgot about them altogether, thought she had already taken them, saw something on tv that convinced her she didn’t need them, too many, what are they for anyway, I feel good without them, does that matter. The list goes on. So I adjust as needed.
Does your DH get angry, throw them away, just leave them behind?
Before aunt became basically bed bound, I always made sure she had her meds in her bedroom before getting into her chair. Once there she was calling the shots. I noticed if I divided them up into 3 pill planners so that she took fewer at a time, she was more compliant. She had forgotten she had taken the first group by the time she took the second etc. if she had breakfast first she would be full and not want to drink the water needed. so meds before food if he can tolerate that and before he gets his day started. In her case that consisted of switching channels.
We have to take her pulse before knowing which BP Med to give in case her pulse is too low. So there is a bit of “doctoring” that goes on that seems to calm her. Oximeter. Temp, BP, all taken and recorded. that might not work with your DH but with aunt, she likes to know all systems are good. BP is so good today…these BP meds are working great. No stroke for you. Or whoops, your BP is a little high, let’s get your meds before you get up. Don’t want you to be dizzy. she saw me posting on her calendar yesterday and asked if I had to do that every day. I said It helps me remember. so I make it about my failings whenever I can unless that’s the day I am told I can just get the H out of her house. 🙄
So what’s your idea of why he isn’t taking them? Does he give you clues of what is going on.
As always, remember the dreaded UTI can cause a sudden change in behavior.
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It sounds like his dementia is progressing. Is he also having difficulty with swallowinf food or is he just resistant to medications? Speak to his doctor and pharmacist to see which meds can be crushed or changed to liquid or patch. Not all can be changed. His doctor will tell you which meds may be problematic
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My mom was refusing her medication too. So, I crush the pills and put in a small glass with cranberry juice. You have to mix really well. My mother drinks the juice and never questions the taste at all. The cranberry is a plus for her bladder and kidneys too. Hope this helps.
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Geaton777 Jun 28, 2021
Please discuss what you are doing with the pharmacist -- many pills say not to crush or break them, as this destroys any time-release mechanism and it may not be beneficial to have the meds digest all at once. See if there are patch or other options for administering.
This is a problem you may never fix. My FIL didn't want to take certain meds, I don't know why, but he'd palm them when I gave them to him and he'd drop them down the side of the recliner. I found a huge pile of pills when I cleaned one day when he was at the hospital.

I remember thinking "well, dad, you SAID you didn't want to take these and you didn't, so you win, I guess".

DH recently spent a week in the hospital, really, really sick with something they never dxed. One thing they DID do was cut out about 1/3 of the meds he takes. He's actually feel better--minimally--so I have to wonder why he's on so many drugs.

I remind him to take them but I don't hand them to him. I'm done trying to make him want to live a better, healthier life. He just doesn't want to.

DH doesn't have Alzheimers, he just wants to stay in bed 24/7. I can't watch him kill himself with lack of care, so I bring him 2 meals a day and leave him alone.

Sure not what I had in mind for retirement.
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Ask his doctor if the meds come in liquid form or if they're safe to be crushed. Then put them into your husband's food or drink.
I've had many clients with Alzheimer's who refused to take their meds or could no longer swallow pills. This is what I always do.
Just don't tell him you're giving him his meds.
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I found my husband wasn’t any different on Aricept so I took him off it. Presently, he isn’t on any medications. The neurologist said frankly if they work it is just a temporary fix. With regard to other medication, you could possibly be able to give it to him in applesauce etc. You could see if it come in pills rather than capsules. I developed a problem taking larger pills so maybe he feels he can’t swallow them. Ask pharmacist or doctor for their advice as I’m sure it’s a common issue especially with compromised individuals. Best of luck!
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Ask your pharmacist if any of the meds he's prescribed come in patch form. If so, put them on him where he can't remove it himself. Do not break or crush the pills -- they can be extremely bitter to the point where no "covering up" will disguise the taste. Also, it can ruin the time-release aspect of the med.
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Isthisrealyreal May 26, 2021
Nobody should alter any medication without confirming with the pharmacist that it is safe to do so.

Many pharmacists will provide in a liguid form, similar to what they do for youngsters. They have the ability to cover the nastiness so much better then a home chemist can.
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