I have been told that since he is on a Passport Program and being a Certified HHA I no longer can be his caregiver with pay, but someone else can come in to oversee my spouse for just a few hours, when really he needs 24 hr, care, I feel that this is very unfair, I truly have a legitimite case, and I love my spouse with all my heart, I would never leave him unless I didn't have a choice, please if you can help me in any way please do so, I am so discouraged that I don't want anybody else to oversee for my spouse but yet at the same time I'm getting so burned out. Can you please helpppppppp me? Oh by the way I'm 66 he will be 61 soon, he's a double amputee.

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I am confused. What do you mean by "oversee for my spouse?" I assume he has medical problems that need 24 hour care. Is the idea that you will leave the house to work elsewhere for the money to support you both while the state? an agency? sends someone in for a few hours a day or a week? Are you worried that you will no longer be involved in his care in anyway and that the outside care giver will make all the decisions about seeing doctors, etc.? Or do you feel you should be doing all the hands on care?
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