I'm living with my grandmother and grandfather to take care of them both. Is there a program that will supplement my lost income?


This doesn't leave enough time for a job. Is there a program that will supplement lost income?

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MIL lived with us for a few years with Alz, we were paid for room and board. As she started wondering we placed her in a private home with 9 other residents @ 2400. A month. As she became bed bound we moved her back home caring for her with hospice help for a few years till she died and we were compensated the same as the care home.
We now care for an aunt, never married no children, who was being charged 8400. A month in assisted living. She is 78 has been here 2+ years, bedbound the last 3mts end stage Parkinson’s, I receive half of what she paid assisted living. We have 3 teens and friends we pay to help in her care. Personally her care is a lot easier these last 3mts, since she is no longer a fall risk. Caring for 2 elderly people and their home. I would charge 5/7000. And from that pay for any help you require in their care. When and if they move to assisted living it will cost at minimum 5000.
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I'm not sure anyone would have time for part time work from home with not one but two elderly people to care for. I assume you're doing things all day long for them and also taking care of the house, etc. However, maybe you are young and peppier than I would be in that situation, so perhaps you could find ways to make some money on the side.

Definitely see what is available, if anything, in your state. Probably won't be much. It seems to be time for a frank talk with either your grandparents, your parents, or all of the above about your need to be compensated for the time and effort you are spending taking care of them and helping them stay in their home.

How old are they? Sometimes people can live on for years.... So it may also be time to reconsider this arrangement entirely.
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When my mom's care required me to be with her all the time, I was able to change and work from home. I know not everyone is lucky enough to be allowed to do this with their present job, but maybe you can look for some part-time work you can do from home? Just an idea.
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The most common question in the AgingCare Caregiver Forum is "How can I get paid to care for a family member?"

The vast majority of family caregivers do not get paid for the provision of care.

However, a loved one may use out-of-pocket retirement savings for this purpose. If a family member has enough funds to privately pay from savings, it is important to formally complete a Personal Care Agreement. Prior to receiving any payment, this document should be prepared to outline the services provided as well as the payment to be received. A personal care agreement can not be created retroactively to pay for past care.

The Caregiver Forum is a great place to come for answers. Additionally, I'd like to offer the following AgingCare articles as reference points:

To understand the purpose of and create a formal agreement between family members, please refer to:


It is important to note that most outside sources of pay will only pay for medically based home health care provided by an authorized agency. For a general overview regarding paying for care, please refer to:


And finally, if you would like further information regarding the decision to hire a home care company that fits your needs and your budget, please refer to:


If you are new to caregiving you will likely have future questions. There are many answers from experienced caregivers here. Don't hesitate to come back and ask.
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Noah, the vast majority of family caregivers do not get paid.... unless the parent or grandparent can pay from their own pocket. If they can, then you would need to draw up a caregiver's agreement.

You can also check with your State Medicaid office [which is different from Medicare] to see if your State has a payment program. If they do, note that the pay would be minimal.
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