This is a 2nd marriage.

Garlic, the way to move forward is to 1) get a diagnosis for what's going on with her, and 2) educate yourself to what her diagnosis is. Most likely she is in cognitive decline, aka dementia. Since there are different types of dementia, a proper diagnosis can help inform what medications may help her, and what tactics you employ to work around her memory issues and personality/behavioral changes. Her brain is broken and she will no longer be able to learn anything new. Nothing. She will remember the past much better because dementia is less damaging to that part of the memory.

Many on this forum recommend YouTube videos of Tippa Snow to learn about dementia. Also, please make sure you have her legal ducks in a row, as well as your own. If she was your durable PoA you will now need to find someone else (and much younger). I wish you all the best as you move forward and help your wife.
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This is the sadness of aging in place. We watch our LO's change in front of our eyes.

A start with a good physical and cognitive evaluation would be helpful, There are some meds that work for dementia type illnesses. Nothing 'cures' it, but some drugs can help make a patient 'lose it' more slowly.

Do you want an OK from this forum to place your wife in a care facility? Or are you just frustrated? Either is OK, we aren't living your life, so we cannot say.

My own mother has a far better grasp on what happened 20 years ago than she does with what happened yesterday. My MIL is 'locked' in the past--sadly, she is as angry with her ex and she was 50 years ago--and they divorced 30 years ago and he died 15 years ago. She cannot have a conversation that doesn't collapse into absolute hatred of her just have to leave, b/c she will not stop bashing on this poor man.

What is it you are really asking? Think about it and come back. Your question seems to have a LOT missing from it...........mostly, what you want/need to do going forth.

Good Luck. I know this is hard.
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garlic, so sorry you are going through this, unfortunately this is a phase of memory loss. I would suggest you either just let your love one talk about the past or find something to distract her during those times.

For more helpful information on other memory issues, go to the top blue/green bar and to your right you will see CARE TOPICS, which is filled with a lot of great ideas during your wife's different phases.
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