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Legally recognized union of two people in a personal relationship.

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  • Women are often the primary caregivers for their aging parent(s) or spouse. These responsibilities can weigh heavily on a woman's emotional health and have physical effects as well. Coupled with menopause, intimacy can become especially challenging.

  • When a spouse becomes a family caregiver for an aging or ill loved one, it can affect the marital relationship. As you brave this adjustment together, use these tips to show your husband or wife what you’re made of and how much your marriage means to you.

  • The strain of caring for an aging parent can take a serious toll on caregivers’ relationships with their significant others. These tips can help keep your relationship strong and keep caregiving from overwhelming the both of you.

  • When my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, we thought our life, as we knew it, was over. But we've encountered some unexpected blessings along the way.

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