What I saw from the volunteers is that their focus was entirely directed toward those residents who were most able to show their appreciation - For example: I suppose it's only natural for you to spend time visiting with the people who cluster around your your dog with pats and smiles, but it would have been nice to try moving among those who physically or mentally can't run to you and gently offering a way for them to participate would have been nice. Just an awareness that, despite appearances, those people nearing the end of life may still have a need or desire to hear a friendly voice, a soft touch, a few minutes of music.
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How sweet!
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Well, interestingly enough I saw on CBS, Sunday Morning news show a remarkable action by an unexpected volunteer. It was a 12 year old girl. Her mother was a nurse at the NH and she would visit with the residents while her mother was working.

She gave them hugs. She was absolutely adorable! She had a notebook and went around asking the residents what wishes they would want to come true? She was surprised by their answers. It wasn’t to be rich or anything like that. The wishes were simple things like, Vienna sausages, cookies, candy, etc.

Then she saved her money, raised money and bought the items and distributed them to the residents. She read to them. She listened to them. She was a beautiful, loving kid.

I would love any volunteer to copy what she did. She was wise beyond her years.
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