We finally have a date for this mid March. Since many of you have been down this road, what can you advise.

We are not having our mom attend. It would derail significantly.

Thank you all very much. This facility has changed ownership. We are happy with care of our mom, but there seems to be lapse in communication. I guess to be expected. She is happy, finally. Adding Abilify in small dose has made a huge difference.

I talk with charge nurses weekly as we live 30 miles away and can,only go on weekends. But we are pleased with her care and structure of it. Even when she goes in Medicaid, she will have private room and bathroom. Nothing will change for her. It is one of two certified instate as actual memory care, and not just a yeah, we have that too facility. We are very lucky to have her here and we know it.

I guess I just want to have realistic expectations of this meeting. Thank you all, very much.
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Have your questions written down.
If you have had any concerns.
With staff
With the housekeeping
With the food
Is there a plan for 1 month, 2 months, or longer?
How often will a meeting like this be scheduled?
Anything that has been on your mind write it down and present it. This is your turn to be a voice, be an advocate.
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Ask how long the meeting is. Mine was only 15 min, even the first time. By the time the DON and SW tell you how ur LO is doing ur time is up. I told them on my second one they need to give more time on the first one. Actually, I got most of my questions answered by the everyday staff.

Mom doesn't need to be there. My Mom would not have understood any of it. Really, its mostly them telling you. What meds she is on. How her PT is going. How she has adjusted.
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