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You may have your list of questions at the ready, but the facility may not jive with them.
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When my Mom went into LTC, my first care meeting was 15 min. I had no time to ask questions. The DON was there, the Social worker, the Therapist. They told me what they were doing, meds, ect. I told them later that more than 15 min is needed with a first meeting.

Listen carefully. Ask if you can tape it so you can refer back to it. Take note of Meds. I found Mom was taken off of one of hers. Question if they are giving him something new. What is it for. You are probably the POA and have a right to question. Just because husband is in LTC doesn't mean he no longer has rights or you as his representative.

I actually got most of my info from the RNs at the nurses desk. I would ask how Mom was doing. They would then tell me of any changes. When she became agitated and it lasted, the RN told me the Dr. had prescribed something for her. Your Nurses and aides are the people you need to be nice too.
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One of the hardest aspects of helping my LO to get the best level of care in AL was figuring out the “chain of command”, followed by “who does what”, followed by how I could help her to fit into the process as quickly as possible.
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What happens when he moves to the next level of care?
Do they have "assistants" that will help him with personal care? Examples: get dressed in the mornings, remind him or walk him to meals, laundry, etc... Some places you must pay extra.
What happens if he needs medical care late at night or on weekends?
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Care plan is like financial plan for your life. We have a goal /issue. We seek the professional for help how to achieve the goal. Then follow the steps and monitor the progress. Some time other complications may delay the progress and you may have to change modify the plan. Some time changing the professional who will advice or some time the person delivering the care. Keep in mind you are the CEO of the care. You hire the right person to advice ,care And even monitor. A good care plan will have
1 long term and short term goal
2 what type of professional we will need
3. How will they do it
4 what do we need to monitor
5 how to do we measure the progress
eash task of the plan will have the above points.
Caring for elders is difficult if not properly planned. Put a system in place so that your kids can also follow for it for you and for them. That is why joint family system is good.
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Make a Long list of Everything dealing with your husband's Necessary needs, Especially his Meds.
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Usually the facility initiates the care plan meeting, Usually within first 3-6 weeks of admission, so there’s been a good period of time to see what the resident is like and how their transitioning is going.

If it’s you, as the spouse, doing this, is something happening that is of concern? to the point that your calling for a care plan meeting now instead of the NH setting it up?

How did hubs end up in a NH? What’s the backstory?

To me, That will make a difference as to what’s priority for the meeting in my experience. You might want to write down skills & interests hubs has as that will be helpful for activities director and for nursing staff to get him out of his room and into the rhythm of the facility.

Oh also if you can, take a snack for staff. Make it easy for you..... like buy a box of “cuties” -those easy peel mini oranges/ tangelos that are in season now - and a stack of napkins and set out for the meeting. Believe me, they will stay and sit & chat in a chair for beyond the allotted 15-20 minutes if there’s food....
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