My Grandmother has been severely abused by one jointly acting POA where the oldest sibling was never contacted by the courts, hospitals, banks, social services and many others that had a copy but didn't follow. What can be done? These severely disturbing actions could have been prevented and in turn, the abuse! And it could have been stopped! The courts we have recorded even stating they open and closed the case with all evidence submitted. Three months later the DA's office confirmed the evidence wasn't submitted even though we have it recorded that it was! Now that we find the original POA accidently sent by abuser we need help for it's not being followed as it was to be in order to prevent what has happened!

Firstly, is Grandma safe now? That’s the most important thing. Who is the POA? And what do you mean “the original POA accidentally sent by abuser”?

You need to hire an attorney to untangle this mess and find who has copies of what, what was filed and when, who did or didn’t file what they were supposed to and why the case was closed if evidence of abuse was submitted.

Something got mixed up and /or lost somewhere at Grandma’s expense. An attorney will know who to contact and what to say to get answers.
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