Her 2 brothers have contacted an attorney. Letters have been written to request copies of bank statements and my neighbor doesn't comply. The Judge got involved and instructed the sister to submit tyr bank statements by January 18, 2019 and to date no bank statements have been recieved by the Judge. The bank statements will incriminate her which is why she does not comply. She has already stolen $10,000 which is known but the bank statements are needed to calculate just how much more is missing. Any advice on how to proceed?

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They just have to be squeaky wheels I guess. Or get a new lawyer. I thought if you didn't comply to a judges order you were in contempt and could be arrested.

The brothers are going to have to be assertive and get the lawyer to do what they r paying him to do.
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Stef1970 Mar 8, 2019
Thank you. Just this week the judge issued her the last and final warning. She has 45 days to comply and criminal charges are being filed. I saw the abuse and neglect and was glad when they placed both of her parents into a nursing home because I knew they would get the care they need. Her Mom was not being bathed. Very sad situation. Thank you for your reply and good advice!
Unless you know where the money is.
Unless you have driven her to the bank and helped her withdraw the money.
Unless you have written proof that she has stolen money or other possessions Or if you have a video or voice recording of her admitting theft you have no "real proof"
MYOB...Mind you own business.
This is your neighbors problem not yours.
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Stef1970 Mar 8, 2019
Bank statements don't lie. She was neglecting and not caring for both parents and I saw that firsthand. She was only using their money...going on cruises.etc. that is NOT her money to use it is for the care of her parents and it was money they earned over their lifetime for their needs NOT the daughters needs or wants. It is truly sad when 2 people are neglected but used for their money.
The brothers attorney will not get off of dead center and the Judge hasnt done anything yet. They asked me what to do and I told them to call their attorney and the Judges chambers. I dont know what else to tell them.
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Why are you getting involved? If a judge has ordered her to comply and she hasn't, I would think the brothers would need to inform the Court sister has not complied.
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