Yes...this time it's about my own situation...I will have a thyroidectomy--it's cancerous. A friend has suggested I seek support groups, but I am socially isolated and I don't know where to find such a thing. I live in Gardena, CA.

Dougie, so sorry to hear this. I hope you find a good support group to join. As mentioned above, hospitals usually have various groups that meet for mutual support. You might look at your local hospital's website.

If that fails, you have the friend you mentioned, and all of us here to cheer you on!
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I just googled "Gilda's Club, Gardena, California" in an effort to determine if this club, organized for cancer support, had a branch in your area. Someone at Google must be napping. I got some hits for Gilda's Club but also hits for a strip club!

So much for that. But Gilda's is a good club with good support facilities, at least in my area. People who attend the events are familiar with cancer, there are support groups for specific types of cancer, and a lot of supportive activities.

You can also ask your oncologist, or someone at an infusion center where cancer and radiation are administered. Hospitals often have support groups as well.

The CURE magazine is excellent, with a range of articles from every-day coping to complex genetic and chemical issues.

If you can't find any in person, try Google again, and look for cancer support groups.
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Dougie, I would suggest you call your county/city agency on aging to see if they have a list of support groups.

Sorry you are going through this, as the word "cancer" can be so scary, so to have someone to talk to who has been through cancer would be a benefit.
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