Would I benefit from attending a support group for CAREGIVERS if my mom has Alzheimer’s but I’m not her caregiver?

Abishop, Alzheimer's support groups are intended to provide support for anyone who is affected by someone with dementia. Such support can include getting first-hand information from others in the group, handouts from the facilitator, and a place to vent your fears and frustrations. My wife and I attend meetings of two different support groups and have had half dozen different facilitators. The usefulness of these groups depends on who facilitates, who attends, who is willing to share experiences, and whether you are receptive to listening and empathizing. It's a mixed bag, but I've found the actual and potential benefits far outweigh the investment of time to attend them.
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Abishop, I believe it would be good attending such a meeting, the more your learn about Alzheimer the better a person would understand it. Doesn't matter if you are caregiver or not.
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