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Mimi I will leave it to better minds to suggest how this might be started; I don't know the answer on how you apply, but I will start with be certain you want to. Every day on forum we see stories from people of all ages who chose to move in with an elder, quit their job and take care of them. Then left with nothing, not even a job history, nor a home, they are put out into the world ill equipped to handle it. Moreover you are paid, but you are BADLY paid for this care, and it is 24/7 care that is almost impossible to do, and gets harder by the day as you do it; it is something I could never do. So I will caution you to be very certain this would be what you want, then explore what you would be paid and how to apply.
Good luck going forward.
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FYI you will not be paid much by the will be minimum wage and not full time. If you want full time compensation you will need to write up a legal employment contract with your father that you both sign. This makes him an employer and you his employee and will need to follow all the tax laws in terms of withholding, etc.
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