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Yes, you can. You can either do as alva outlined & be paid directly by the family member through a caregiver contract drawn up by an attorney so Medicaid eligibility won’t affected. If the family member can not afford to pay & is eligible for Medicaid then every state has at least one program that will pay a family member but pay is almost always minimum wage with no benefits and not full time hours.
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No offense to the poster of this question—
Am I the only one that wishes the admins of AC would post the answers to this question in an easy to see place on the site as it’s such a common question? Please!
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AlvaDeer Aug 2020
I agree. It is such a common question. Now if only I could remember the correct answer!
If you mean can your elder pay you to be his or her caregiver, the answer is yes. But this payment should be specific and according to contract drawn by a lawyer as to exactly what care is being paid for. This will prevent problems if care placement is needed in future, as to the "lookback" of 2-5 years to be certain the elder didn't "gift money" to family in order to deplete funds, hide assets, and etc. from Medicare and Medicaid.
If you mean can you get paid of medicaid of the state to care for a family member, that is something you should call and get answers from directly from the state. However, do know that payment would be minimal and you would be basically giving up a meaningful job to be trapped 24/7 taking care of an elder. It would be up to you, up to your current circumstances to find out if this would work for you.
I do not currently know of ANY on the forum who are currently being paid as a caregiver. How they get paid, how they make claim for taxes and etc. I hope there are so who do and can give you information.
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