Now because of the Virus he has lost his job, can he get qualified to do this full time and how would he do this?

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The only way for him to work for you full time is by you hiring him. You need a written contract and taxes and social security need to be taken out of his paycheck because you would be his employer. If you gift him money under the table for caregiving and later need to apply for Medicaid, their "lookback" period can be up to 5 years so all your financial transactions between you and he need to not be disqualifying. In order to know that you need to consult with an elder law attorney familiar with the Medicaid. It is money well spent. I'm hoping you and your wife have assigned a durable Power of Attorney for each of you and have all your legal ducks in a row (including a Will so that none of your remaining assets will need to go through probate). The state will only compensate him part time and near minimum wage to care for you. It's best to hire him directly with a contract.

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Isthisrealyreal Jul 2020
Geaton, just FYI, wills do get probated. It is trusts and assets that are either to a beneficiary or payable on death, transfer on death, those and such that do not get probated.
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