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It would be nice if you assigned someone you can trust POAs for financial and medical in case something happens and you can't handle your own affairs. Not the person u are living with. My DHs cousin is having this problem because his sister is under sedation and he has no idea where her checkbook is or what bank she goes to. Bills still have to be paid. POAs should have a copy of the POA. There have been people on this forum who know they are POAs but can't find where parent put them and parent no longer can tell them.

At one time, all you needed for a DNR in my state was a simple form telling your wishes and yours and your doctors signature. Well now the state of NJ asks that the doctor fills out a multi question form and signs it. Call your doctor and request a form. Once you fill out he will need to sign it. You then keep it where EMTs can see it when they enter you home. Refrigerator is a good place. If they do not have this paper, everything wil, be done to keep you alive. If you frequent a certain hospital, have one on record. This is only if you feel you need it.

If you own a home or have large investments or bank accounts, have a will. And again, an Executor you can trust. POA stops at death.

Have your financials organized. If you receive bank statements, keep five years. My tax preparer says tax forms 7 years. Keep checkbook where it can be found. Maybe putting POA on your acct. Bills together organized. All important papers in one place. This would be birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, stocks, bonds. Title to cars, mortgages even if paid off, deeds ect. Tell POA where these things can be found. Mine are all in a 2 drawer filing cabinet.
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