Is there any other way except taking her almost 1 hour to Texas DPS to get new photo id? actually the above process is out of question for now due to her mental state. We went through this process 3 weeks ago and since that event she has not been well and to make it even worse they turned her away. No Texas ID after 11 hours of travel with her and 150 dollars expenses to get her there.

Wellsfargo closed the account 3 weeks now and all 3 of her benefits checks for October which were on direct deposit were all sent back. It is the 22 of October and she had received not 1 of these income sources. Will not send out paper checks until new bank account is open.

My mother is a widow of a navy veteran so we are trying to open up account at navy federal credit union with alot of supporting original docs. Post hurricane harvey we have just been relocated by FEMA to a new permanent address and I did reorder all my mother's identity documents that we lost but her PA birthcertificate (which must be obtained inorder for Texas DPS to reissue her new photo id.) I ordered her birth cert from PA vital stats ordered almost 5 months ago and they have made mistake after mistake, still have no birth cert and I was charged almost 52 dollars in fees). Please help provide me with any ideas we are so upset every the entire ordeal.

I hope this isn't so simplistic that it offends you, but have you spoken to a real, live person at Wells Fargo?

Perhaps naïvely, I went to their website to see what support services they offer to personal customers and there do seem to be quite a few. I'm almost tempted to ring them up, read them your post, and demand to hear what they have to say for themselves! How long has your mother been their customer?

I see that you have already contacted the social security people who issue your mother's benefits. You have tried to do as they instructed, and open a new account, but without the ID, which in your case you cannot get, you can't do that either. Sheesh! Have you rung them to ask what you *are* supposed to do now?

I was also going to say first of all what Snoopy said and suggest contacting your AAA.

Heaps of sympathy to you, this is the last thing you need with a frail, elderly mother to look after. What a nightmare! I hope there will be a breakthrough for you very soon.
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When I first applied for SS retirement, I forgot yo bring my account number. SS automatically opened an account with a debit card for me. I was able to discontinue that shortly there after. The bank was their choice and there were charges for transactions. Might be something else to look into as a temporary fix.

I fail to understand the need for an ID to pay bills and buy food. I have heard of banks refusing to open accounts if the person had no ID and/or a bad credit rating.
I understand the need for ID to do cash transactions at the window.
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I have never heard of a bank requiring an ID for an account already opened. Sounds funny to me.
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I dont know if this will work in your state but here in SC I was able to apply at our DMV for a handicap sticker for my mother which has her picture on it. They said I could take her picture with my phone which I did. You need to speak to someone at the bank who is higher up. My mother did not need a new liscense. Not sure if they would have granted me that at the DMV but when I explained the difficulty in bringing her in they were helpful. Again I had to speak to person more in charge at DMV. My daughter lives in Houston so I know about all the troubles there. I don't know that this helps you at all but given the disaster there I would try to speak to higher ups who might help you.
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How upsetting! I am sorry your family is going through this. My first thought if you haven't already is to contact your county's Area Agency on Aging. There must be other elders in a similar situation due to a natural disaster and I'm hoping someone there could get you pointed in the right direction, with any resources to help now, too.

I'm not sure which county Missouri City, TX is in but I see online that the Harris County Agency on Aging phone number is (832) 393-4301.

I hope others have suggestions for you as well!
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