I would say there is some Dementia here which goes hand in hand with Parkinson's.

I agree, he may need some anxiety medication.
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Have his doctor prescribe some antianxiety drugs to help him feel less freaked out.

You will start resenting his dependency on you if you are not able to get out and about and decompress a bit. No doubt you love him very much, but no one can do it all 24/7/365 year on end.

If he freaks, you go anyway. He has learned how to keep you there, now he needs to learn it doesn't work anymore. Be prepared his behavior may escalate before it gets better.
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Heed the advice of the previous posters. Is it
possible that you think you need to be the one doing the caregiving and you need to be there for GF? Could it be difficult for you to hand over his care?

You can start by being in your home but not in the same room with GF. Have the aide serve him a meal or help him dress. If he starts calling for you, come into the room and observe, but let his aide complete her task. Reassure him she knows what she’s doing and he is fine. Next time, don’t be so quick to come into the room. Stretch out the response times. Eventually, leave him with the aide for a short while. If he refuses her help, don’t rush in and take over the task. If it’s a meal, let him skip it. Dont rush to serve him yourself. Let him wait until the next mealtime. He won’t starve. But he will realize that he’d better let his aide serve him because he’s going to get pretty hungry waiting for the next meal. This will take some resolution on your part. When GF sees you trust the aide, he will too.
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You do him and yourself no favor by training him to rely only on you. What would he do if you fell sick or couldn't be with him for some reason.?

Start retraining him to be away from you for a short time, then longer and longer.
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You need time away. You take it and GF will be fine. No guilt.
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