I can tell mom is down. Christmas always brings her down on one hand for losing her son, my brother in 07 in tragic manner, but she also gets excited for holiday! Asking to open gifts early. So, she is home alot because her legs are weak and hurt. I try to make her laugh, but I wish she wasn't so down, so much. She is on several anti-depressants. They can only do so much. How are some ways you pass time with your family? She doesn't read, knit, puzzles or anything that is hands on, but doing "something" would take her mind off things. It works for me. Any tips appreciated!

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Thank you! Very good and thoughtful advice. Going to see Christmas lights may work great. As soon as we arent snowed in! 18 inches over the weekend. Ready to get out soon!!:)
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Is she receiving any counseling or therapy? You are correct antidepressants may not be enough, but counseling should help.

Some of us suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. It is triggered in part by different light levels and light therapy can help with it.

You cannot cheer up someone out of depression. You can be there for them and remind them that you value them, engage them in activities and still invite them out (even if it is physically or mentally hard for them to go). Depression is insidious and although it does not have to last for a long time, when I was at the depths of depression, simple tasks, like getting out of bed, eating (I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks), shopping etc feel impossible. Friends and Therapy got me through it.

Talk about your brother and all the good things about him. A friend who lost a child told me once I was one of the only people that still mentioned her name.

If Mum is religious, ask someone from her, or a local, church to come visit her and talk.

If Mum is comfortable once she gets into a car, you can take her for a drive to see the Christmas lights. Or hire a wheelchair accessible cab to take you on a Christmas lights tour topped off by a trip through a drive in.

When you say she cannot do puzzles are you referring to Jigsaw Puzzles or word and number puzzles? Does your family play cards or games?

Invite her old friends over for a Christmas Tea. Ask Mum to help with the guest list and choose the music. Or ask one of two of her friends over for a Movie night. Have Mum choose an old favourite movie.
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