I am looking for a support that can come into Phoebe and help me with my husband on a daily basis. What kind of programs are there?

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Is your IL attached to an Assisted Living? Some of these complexes allow, for a small fee, a person to come into the IL section to help. If not, call your local Office of Aging and see what programs they may know of where you can get some help. Like said, it maybe time for an Assited living. You could go with him. There must be a number of them in your area.
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If you are finding yourself constantly worn out, tired and burned out, you may need to visit your physician. You also might want to rethink your living situation. It may be time for hubby to move to Assisted Living.
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Sorry to be ignorant but what is Phoebe? Is that a city or town somewhere? I suppose you could look at an agency for a helper. Others will chime in.

I'm tired too. Goes with the territory of caring for someone.
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