My husband has gone into a private psychiatric hospital for at least ten days so I decided to go into the city for 3 days to treat myself at a nice hotel and just be by myself for the first Time in years. Trouble is, I don’t know what to do with myself.

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Panda, do what you want for the first time in a long time. Even if nothing. Order room service. Sleep in. Take long baths.

Take time for you.
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Hi Pandabear! I can totally relate! I keep a list of ideas that I try to add to as I learn of events so that whenever I get an opportunity to go out, I don’t have to spend energy thinking and trying to remember what I thought I might enjoy.

Same here- I had a massage for my birthday, but didn’t connect with it.
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Go to a spa, if you think that would be physically rejuvenating for you. You could soak in a jacuzzi, get a scrub treatment or massage, sit in steam until you're all plumped up. I always feel recharged when I get a massage, or spend a lazy day loafing in some steam and hot tubs. If you did this, then hopefully you'd sleep your best night in many years. :-D

Edit: I just read down the thread that you had a massage. Good thinking. ;-)
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31 flavors for a sinful treat. Eat in an up scale restaurant. Get your hair dyed with that washable dye( like green or pink.) Act like a teenager or a cougar. Look for a museum themed with a subject that interest you. Check for senior tours of your liking.
Or you can do absolutely nothing just to annoy people.
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BlackHole Mar 2, 2019
What you have done so far sounds great to me. I also like reading all these suggestions. Just let the time unfold as it may. Sleep in, lounge in your PJ's while having room service in bed, walk around the city and take in all the sights and sounds, window shop, go to lunch while browsing through a magazine, see a movie with some popcorn in your lap, get coffee and sit by a window and people watch. You could also mix in a visit to a typical tourist attraction like a museum or see a historical monument.
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Do whatever charges your batteries. For me its a walk in nature, on the beach, in the woods, along the marsh. in the mountains. Or it might be listening to inspirational talks that renew my hope and encourage me to keep on keeping on. I love a good book, but finding time to renew your spirit is important as well. You might go window shopping at some art stores. Color always renews me. Branch out even if for a few days. It will give you the strength you need.
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I hope you enjoy yourself during your time away.

I see you had a massage, that’s a great start. Now maybe a mani & pedi....

Room service too...

Sleep in, rent some good movies...enjoy your time!
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I'm glad that you are getting a break, Pandabear! Hope you enjoy the movie.

I think naps are fantastic on a vacation, too! Just remember to hang the do-not-disturb sign on the door!
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Remember you do not have to do anything. You are allowed to stay in your room and order room service if you want. There is no rule that you have to do anything when you get away from home.

You can go down for breakfast and enjoy reading the local paper from cover to cover.

If you enjoy music, find some live music to listen to. If you enjoy going for a walk, then head out for a walk.

The hard thing when we are 'on' all the time, is that we feel like we must fill our time, all the time. It is okay to rest and relax.

In May 2018 I was in France for 3 weeks. At the end of the organized part of my trip I stayed an extra 5 days in Paris. One of those days I did not stray more than 4 blocks from my hotel. In the morning I walked to a bakery for croissants, which I took back to my room for my breakfast. I read a book and did some hand sewing. Then I watched a show on Netflix. Some would say I 'wasted' a day in Paris, I could have gone to a museum etc. But it was a treat to not be on anyone else's schedule and relax. I did go out for dinner that evening.
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Gosh Pandabear, it sounds like life at home could be really stressful. Hopefully the psychiatric hospital can get your husband in a better state of mind.
It’s great that you thought to treat yourself and check into a hotel in the city.
Ask the hotel desk person about the attractions in that area. Some sightseeing in your own area could be fun. Also, how ‘bout a manicure/pedicure, a massage, a nice dinner out with a friend, a newly released movie, a sweet treat (donut/coffee, root beer float, piece of pie, etc.)?
In the morning, stay in bed and order room service as you read the paper or watch your favorite TV programs.

How have you been handling the situation at home for the last few months? Do you get a break? Does someone else help you with your husband? Try to make sure you have a respite time so you don’t burn out.
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PandabearAUS Feb 25, 2019
Hi. Thanks for your answer. I had a massage today but can’t truly say I relaxed. Going to a movie tomorrow
i am 61 and I have been someone’s child, someone’s wife/mother/grandmother.
I stayed in bed till 9am this morning. I guess I am just used to always being “on”

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