Im sure you deserve a break, (& we all have different ways of "recharging"). While my SIL loves her vacation trips, I'd rather have a quiet weekend at home with my phone turned off! (I'm a cheap date) Lol☺. Do your thing.
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Feel guilty? No. Even though it sounds like you have help (does your child live with you and help as well?) and you’re gone at work most of the day, caregiving is still stressful. Your home and life has been invaded. Mom is on Hospice and that in itself is very difficult to deal with. Lots of people in and out constantly and not knowing what will happen day to day.

If you have the opportunity for time off, take it! Perhaps enlist the aid of the Hospice Nurse to find a home health aid to relieve your family overnight while you are gone.

Perfect the “withering look” and if someone asks you how you could possibly go “on vacation” at a time like this, use this stare and say nothing.
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