My sweet husband's brain does not tell him that he is in pain nor that he is full when eating. Any advice?


That has become a real big problem for me. When he fell and broke a rib, he did not know it nor admit to any pain. But I could see the pain in his face. More importantly now, he continues to eat until I physically stop him. All he wants to do is eat anything and everything. I have to stop him because he will continue to drink coffee with lots of sugar and cream, lemonade, crackers with butter, his meal, dessert, and will continue until I stop him. Refuses any sugar substitute.

Since we are in a retired community with meals, I have to watch him closely and stop him from gorging and from taking things off the tables of other people. He never enjoyed sugary stuff before which shows how this disease changes people. And He was always thin until now. I am afraid that he will make himself sick or kill himself with an exploding stomach.

I am sure that by now his had developed diabetes. I won't know until the doctor can order another blood test. And the doctor wanted me to keep him under 1800 calories to reduce his belly fat. Absolutely no way of that.

People around us cannot believe the amounts he eats. I am tired of fighting with this "toddler" who will just go around me to eat. When is it surrendering to the disease and knowing you cannot change things? And when is it neglect? Any ideas from anyone?

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Is dinner your midday meal? If so, see no problem if he eats a good breakfast and then a meal in the evening. I wouldn't hae him go from noon until the next morning though. You have no neurologist near u? They deal with Dementia and Alz. In my situation, Mom wouldn't eat if I didn't feed her.
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There are no dementia specialists here in our town. And I am having a hard time finding a doctor who even has rudimentary knowledge of dementia. And of course, the primary will not treat his dementia nor even prescribe my husband's Aricept. So I have to keep looking. He has put on 12 pounds in the last 6 weeks.

I will get a blood pressure cuff, but he always has low blood pressure. I saw a bad rash in his arm pits that he hadn't noticed nor complained about. I really have to watch him and review his body daily.

I decided not to take him for dinner. Two large meals a day should be enough calories. He is not happy, though and asks to go to dinner all evening. Thank you for your suggestions.
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I have noticed that people with dementia/ALZ seem to like sweets. They will eat them before a decent meal. One way u tell someone is in pain is their blood pressure. Goes up.
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Is your husband seeing a dementia specialist?
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