How to handle parents trusts?


thanks to this website, i got through the very difficult task of caring for my 94 year old father. he passed away 3 weeks ago yesterday. i am his successor trustee and i am starting the process of executing the terms of the trust.. my oldest brother is trustee of my mothers trust. which is supposed to end upon my fathers death. it is all stocks and my father was living off of the dividends. this brother will not answer my calls or emails. myself and my 2 brothers are equal beneficiaries in both trusts. we dont trust this brother who is trustee of our mothers trust. my father didnt trust him either but thought our interests were protected by the trust. can this brother refuse to distribute? how long is he allowed to wait. her will stated that the trust would end at the time of my father's death and its principal and gains should be equallly ditributed.

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Yes,contact the attorney.If the original attorney isn't helpful contact a new attorney.
Call your brother up one more time and leave it on his answering machine that if he doesn't want to do this right as with out a attorney.You both will have no other choice but,to go to a attorney.Sorry to hear that you all can't get along.That's what happens after someone dies.If Dad had a house I wouldn't be surprized if a family member didn't already break in to ram sack the house or yet to be done.The same day one of my Uncle's died his house was ram sacked "Same day".
Say bye bye to about 9% or more if you all have to go to a attorney to work it out.
It could be as simple as giving your brother a little more time to morn.It's only been 3 weeks.Some take it harder then others.Most likely he may have already talked to another attorney.That maybe why it's taking so long.It may not be your brother dragging it along.It may be his attorney dragging it along we all know how attorneys love to drag things out.You all have 2 options,either work it out together or give some to a attorney to get it done.Getting a attorney involved will just make matters worse for you all.Seeking a attorney means you all can't trust one another.
Is that what Father wanted,for you all not to get along.I don't think so but,I don't know how you all was raised.Just remember?After you all recieve your money.That money spends very fast.After that money is gone and spent.Your always gonna be family.Don't break your family up over money.Greed it is.
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You will need an attorney and summon him to court. Do not delay.
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