My husband has lewy body dementia & parkinson's disease. He has been incontinent (urine) for almost a year now. The last month or so he doesn't realize he has to have a BM until it starts to happen so it has been half in the depends and half in the toilet. Also, he needs me to clean him afterwards. I did see that there are adult diapers for the pool/swimming so I can handle that part. I'm most concerned if he has to go while in the plane or the airport.

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irishles, plane travel is a very BAD idea, ask the MD. The fluctuations in cabin pressure lead to more confusion, more agitation and more pooping. In addition, the effects can last well beyond the plane trip. Think about it, when is the last time you saw someone attempt to do this with a dementia patient?
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Is there any other way of travel that would work better for your husband? Flying with someone who had Alzheimer's/Dementia is hard enough as they tend to get confused in new places, plus has problems with fecal incontinence isn't fair to the person, nor fair to the people who are sitting around him.

Is train travel a possibility? Why I ask is that is the restrooms on the trains are easier to get to and have much more room in case one needs to change their Depends.
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