After being railroaded for over a year, I've decided to break away from my father... Dementia or not.

Though he gave me full POA a few years ago before he was incapacitated, I'm SO sick of him accusing me of taking his money or trying to steal it, etc.

Can't I hire a lawyer to take over his financial affairs?

Where's a good place to start looking for help?

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Yes, an Attorney or an Accountant can be the financial Power of Attorney. As for the medical side of the Power of Attorney, you would need to ask an Elder Attorney about that, as Attorneys usually will not be the medical POA, neither will your Dad's physicians.

Glad you are finally breaking away. I know you realize it is the dementia doing the talking but not all of us are cut out to be a caregiver for this type of illness. And there isn't anything wrong with saying no.

Where to start looking for an Elder Law attorney? Go to the blue bar near the top of the page, click on MONEY & LEGAL, now click on Elder Law. You will see a blue box where you can type in your zip code. That is where I found my Elder Law attorney, and she's outstanding :)
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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