A couple of years ago, my grandma went into the hospital because she needed a pacemaker. She kept losing consciousness. While in the hospital she required help going to and from the bathroom. The night before her surgery, she paged a nurse for help, but 15 minutes went by and no nurse. She decided to go to the bathroom alone. Her heart stopped for a moment, she lost consciousness and fell. The nurses, upon finding her, shoved her against the wall and demanded she stand up. She couldn’t. She had broken her neck and has been unable to walk or stand since. I care for her full time. She has frequent UTIs. Her doctor says this is because she is incontinent and is unable to fully empty her bladder. I changed her often. I wipe front to back. I encourage her to drink water (she’s stubborn). I give her cranberry pills. Still she gets a UTI every few months. What can I do?

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my mother had frequent uti s also. I was taking her to bathroom every 2 to 3 hours, frequent hygiene, cranberry juice/ pills , she would sit about a half hour each time. She still developed uti s monthly with incontinence.Urologist finally diagnosed urinary retention and now I do in and out catheterizations every 6 hours and maintenance antibiotics.So far things are much better.
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A friend of mine had frequent UTIs and drinks watermelon seed tea. It has worked to cure and prevent, according to her mom. You can buy the powder on Amazon. It’s a natural diuretic that helps to maintain health of the kidney and urinary systems.
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My mother had recurring UTIs. She became disoriented and combative. The SNF Staff and I decided to have her tested monthly for them.
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Hi Going. Urologist just suggested low dose antibiotics all the time for my Mom for same issue. I’m going to do some reading on pros and cons before we move forward. Maybe you could ask Dr about that for your Grandmother. Good luck.
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GoingGhost28 Oct 26, 2019

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