How low can her oxygen stats fall in end stage lung cancer?

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They can fall quite low in spite of high % oxygen given in hospitals. Do not expect the lerson to be alert and awake if this happens. In home care, high oxygen cannot be delivered much past 6 liters compared to 30 or 40 liters in hospitals. Generally this is where hospice or comfort measures only are activated. I encounter this quite regurly as a respiratory therapist. If the person is not agitated with low levels then it is even perfectly Ok to even stop oxygen. It is also reasonable for a nurse to titrate morphine under a doctor order.
I had a patient who was constantly quiet and asleep with sats of 50 and not improving with increased oxygen. He was on comfort measures with no narcotic and lasted another few days. He was an exception.
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Dad's lung problems (sarcoidosis+pulmonary hypertension) kept him in the 80s for a while (as in months). He didn't get confused until he crashed and his levels went below 60. We moved him to the hospice center because home care couldn't keep up with his O2 needs at that point. He lived for another week.

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