Can someone explain how a person functions on their own when they have advanced lung cancer and have only months to live, according to what we have heard? This person is supposedly quite ill, but, I have seen him outside of his apt. in a wheelchair. He lives alone and has no outside help, that I am aware of. Just curious as to how this works. Is it possible?

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Thanks for your input. This man is probably in his late 60's. He's had poor health for awhile. Long time heavy smoker and drinker. It was one of his relatives who said he had months to live. He is on oxygen. I've only seen him in the wheelchair, which is motorized. I'm just trying to figure out why he doesn't go to a place where they can help take care of him, like a nursing home or hospice center. I suppose that he refuses. To my knowledge he is competent to make his own decisions.  I saw an ambulance leave one day. Not sure why they were called.  He didn't go with them. 
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Sunny, I assume this man is on oxygen? Beyond that, I'd put aside what you've "heard", as so often people don't have specific information and draw their own conclusions.

Even if he does have advanced lung cancer, and I assume that means Stage IV, he might still be able to get along on his own. As to outside help, he might have a routine created so well that he can do that.

How old is he?

My sister refused help until I just decided to quit work and help her, after her first episode of respiratory failure. She was battling metastatic breast CA. As the metastasis spread to her brain, she still insisted on managing alone. And she did, although not ideally as it really challenged her physically.

It was the spinal cord involvement, rather than the lung metastasis, that really compromised her ability to be alone. But in the end, it was the lung CA that brought the disease to an end.

I think if this man's young, was strong before, that it is possible he could survive on his own, but my first thought is how accurate the assessments are by someone other than the man himself, and/or his doctor. I take with a grain of salt what most neighbors repeat.
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