How do you know if someone is a hypochondriac or if it’s real? Mine tends to be a hypochondriac and wants a pill for everything!


She cries wolf for the slightest issue, her back itches and the same when she had a gall bladder attack!



If you google "buy sugar pills" you'll find pills on Amazon that are placebos (with no real medicine in them). Maybe try that, if you're sure nothing medical is really going on.
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Won't the flavour from the Tic Tacs give them away as not being pills?  They do smell of whatever flavour they are also. 

Maybe some low dose vitamins or dietary supplements instead?
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Get some little tictaks - or small white (or all one colour) sweet. You can get 'sugar free if they are diabetic - but too many of those give them the trotts. lol

Pop them in a saved medicine bottle.
If you are ABSOLUTELY SURE there is nothing wrong, you can then use the ones you (cough - fib) that the pharmacist recommended. (cough - fib) BUT only if you are ABSOLUTELY SURE!
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StressedOut, sorry your question hadn't been answered. I will move this question back toward the front of the forum, hopefully a caregiver who had a love one with hypochondria can help you.
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